The shoelace elasticity that allows kids to slide in and out lace-up shoes without any help. KIKKOMIKKO© gets time-consuming work done fast . It’s so easy.

Here’s the thing with shoelaces: As a kid, it takes a lot of practice and patience until you finally get the hang of it. And then as parents, we find ourselves in constant battle with time. It's... When KIKKOMIKKO© shoelaces come into play as practical little helpers to be the best "shoe tiers" we can be everyday at any time.

KIKKOMIKKO©s are threaded into the shoes and tied with an ordinary bow – but once tied, they stay tied! The elasticity of the laces allows kids to easily slide in and out of the shoes without any help. They're available in all colors of the rainbow because a shoelace can be more than just a shoelace.

KIKKOMIKKO©s special extendable fabric adjusts, grants absolutely secure foothold, and eliminates the pressure points on the tops of the feet. What’s more, the even pressure distribution allows the blood to circulate freely through the little feet. 




Once tied, they stay tied! A shoelace can be more than just a shoelace.
They can help children grow strong.